Technical Experience of Mr. Robertson, P.E.

Mr. Robertson's technical experience cuts across a broad range from board and component level digital electronics to large SCADA systems used to control pipelines, water processes and manufacturing operations. His participation has been in the contributor, manager and executive roles however he has never been very far removed from the technical contributor level. Contact Mr. Robertson directly for his full CV.

SCADA and PLC Control Systems

Large International SCADA Systems

  • SCADA system to 2000 km natural gas pipeline in Uzbekistan - 2017. Mr. Robertson served as the technical expert in an ICC mediation about this complex system which included not only SCADA but 2000 km fiber optic cable, a system of terrestrial radio towers for communication with maintenance, PBX system implemented with microwave, and replacement cathodic protection system and 1200 km of new power lines.
  • SCADA system for 1000 km natural gas pipeline in Greece. Mr. Robertson managed the SCADA, local control station and telecommunications task in the EU project management team for the construction of the natural gas pipeline from the border with Bulgaria to Lavrion Greece.
  • Backup SCADA system for Saudi Arabia electrical grid. Mr. Robertson wrote the procurement specification for the acquisition of a SCADA system to control electrical power grid.
  • Poland natural gas transmission system SCADA system. Mr. Robertson reviewed the design of the proposed retrofit SCADA system for the Polish natural gas transmission system. This was done for the World Bank as part of its evaluation of Poland's request for funding of the project.

Domestic SCADA and Process Control Systems

  • Natural gas transmission system in Northern California. Mr. Robertson performed a forensic investigation of the SCADA and local control system operation and failures that contributed the San Bruno, California explosion and fire. He was contracted for both Expert witness and consulting services.
  • Over 30 smaller wastewater treatment plants PLC based Control Systems including SCADA terminals were engineered personally by Mr. Robertson. Most employed Allen Bradley equipment and software and instrumentation for pressure, flow, temperature and liquid level as well as pH.
  • Electrical power and drives for large motors, many of the water treatment plant projects included high power electrical distribution and motor control centers (MCC) at 460 volts for large motors. 400 HP centrifuges were employed in two projects.
  • Two definitional missions for the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). One to Turkey for Geographical Information System and the other to Chile for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Machine, Instrument and Motion Control

  • Two custom control systems for large Brake Press machines. Mr. Robertson engineered the control systems and panels personally. They had user programmable part programs and consisted of custom board level electronics with firmware to read sensors and actuate the hydraulic valves. Custom electronics and software was also included for the user interface to operate the presses.
  • Two ultrasound medical imaging instruments for opthalmic surgery. Mr. Robertson wrote the software and firmware that worked with custom hardware in real time. He integrated the hardware and software.
  • Robot for detecting nuclear fuel rod deformation. Mr. Robertson designed custom hardware with mask programmed microprocessors to drive the instrument in a helical pattern the length of fuel rod. The instrument carried sensors that measured the shape of the fuel rod and transmitted that information to an associated computer.
  • Personal hydrogen sulfide gas monitor for use in oil drilling operations. Mr. Robertson developed the electronics and firmware.
  • Inertial navigation equipment on submarines. Mr. Robertson programmed the computers and rode sea trials of newly updated submarines.
  • Semiconductor e-beam evaporator. Mr. Robertson developed the software for the PLC control system.
  • Electrical noise analysis and system integration services were provided by Mr. Robertson for the motion controls of a semiconductor wafer polishing machine.
  • Custom digital electronic control system for a wire spooling machine.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Computers & IT Quality, Compliance

In recent years Mr. Robertson has focused on the SCADA, Controls and IT systems in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry. In particular with the compliance of those systems with FDA, European, ISO and other applicable regulations and standards. His participation has been as a consultant to audit and assess current systems and develop remediation plans. Also to implement remediation and validation plans. He has developed policies, procedures, risk based life cycle models for validation and quality assurance.

Mr. Robertson has presented several webinars and a teleconference on the methods for risk based assessment, remediation and validation of computerized systems and associated IT systems. He has coached and instructed clients employees and management on these methods. He approaches this as one who has been certified by the Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA) to audit information systems (a non-practicing CISA certification).

Over this period Mr. Roberson consulted to more than ten firms several among the fortune 500. His full CV identifies the complete list and provides details not found here.

Larger Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Computer/Software Compliance Projects

  • Quality system for computerized systems in start up pharmaceutical company. Mr. Robertson developed a set of more than 50 policies and procedures for a complete compliance and quality system to comply with FDA and Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) requirements.
  • Remediation of IT system and quality applications in Medical Device company. Mr. Robertson participated for 18 months with a company under FDA mandated remediation of their quality systems. His contribution was to implement a risk based compliance and validation practice for computerized systems and coach clients employees on the process.
  • Sterile filling suite and HVAC system & controls. Mr. Robertson managed the initial validation of this new facility with FDA requirements.
  • Biological Technology manufacturing equipment compliance and operation. Mr. Robertson consulted to several Biotech companies both as engineer to design control systems and program them as well as to show compliance with regulations. This includes compliance of information technology with information security requirements.
  • Distributed Control System (DCS) for fermentation processes, validation and compliance.

Types of Equipment and Systems

HVAC, Sterilization equipment, Sterile filling operations and facilities. Chromatography process equipment, Digital Control Systems (DCS), Fermentation, Laboratory Instrumentation Systems (LIMS), Document management systems, Manufacturing executions systems, Preventative maintenance systems, Information technology systems (IT), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Distributed Control Systems (DCS)