Cases where Mr. Robertson testified at trial, in deposition or by report.

  • International Mediation (ICC) about an approximate $77 million SCADA for 2000km natural gas pipeline in Uzbekistan. Testified in 2017 at the hearing in Singapore about the project management, scope of contract and supply, quality of specifications, design and survey works. The contract and litigation were in English under English law. The owner and contractor were Russian and Mandarin speaking respectively.
  • Explosion and Fire in Compressed Natural Gas municipal bus fueling station. The computer controlling the facility was destroyed in the fire and no copy of its program existed. Mr. Robertson analyzed the events from data on hard drive of monitoring computer and establish that the computer and its program did not cause the explosion. He prepared an extensive report that was used in the successful global settlement of six parities to the $12 million suit.
  • Natural gas pipeline, explosion and fire – San Bruno, CA. Mr. Robertson performed a forensic investigation of SCADA and a local control system. He provided written testimony and rebuttal testimony for the penalty administrative proceedings brought by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). $1.4 Billion in fines were levied by the CPUC in September 2014. more
  • PLC, valves, radios and central controls were at issue as cause for failure of municipal sewer system in Wisconsin. Mr. Robertson performed a forensic analysis of failures and provided an expert’s report for the court.
  • HVAC controls & SCADA for a semiconductor fabrication clean room. Contract scope and industry standard practice were issues. Plant is located in China. Mr. Robertson provided a Rule 26 expert's report for the Federal Court San Francisco.
  • SCADA control system for water treatment plant, Los Angeles. Expert for plaintiff in case about the contractor’s compliance with contract specifications and suitability of installed system. Mr. Robertson testified in court and in deposition.
  • SCADA and controls of a large water treatment plant in Los Angeles Metropolitan Water District. Case involved a contract for system integration services. Compliance with specifications and industry standards were at issue. Mr. Robertson testified in deposition for plaintiff.

Cases involving SCADA, control systems, software and electronics

  • The ICC mediation over SCADA for 2000km natural gas pipeline in Uzbelistan. This involved 2000km fiber optic cable and telecom, terrestrial radio system, PBX on microwave system, cathodic protection system, closed circuit security cameras, and several remote control centers. Testified at hearing in Singapore in 2017.
  • GPS offender tracking device. Analysis of failures modes and charging/discharging behavior.
  • Natural gas pipeline SCADA system forensic investigation for the San Bruno, CA pipeline explosion and fire. $1.4 billion fine levied.
  • Failure of a 4000HP motor in a steel rolling mill. Performed a forensic investigation of control system program, maintenance and operations. Consulted extensively with the attorney. Insurance matter, Pennsylvania.
  • Boiler explosion. Performed a forensic investigation of role of proprietary control electronics as cause. Insurance matter, Wisconsin.
  • Water treatment plant. Advised on the technical issues of the control system a possible cause for failures that damaged some users. Georgia.
  • House fire ignition case. Analyzed suspected ignition device, an electrical timer. Inspected the site and the electrical wiring. Insurance matter: Woodside, California,
  • Co-generation plant explosion and fire. Expert for plaintiff. Provided opinion on the failure mechanisms in the PLC equipment that resulted in explosion of the gas turbine engine. Boulder Colorado.
  • Electrical contractor’s scope of supply for waste water plant control system. Performed forensic engineering for a claim consultant. Opined on the suitability of the system the contractor proposed to supply and whether or not it met the engineer’s specifications.   Los Angeles.
  • SCADA control system for, Los Angeles Metropolitan Water District.  Consulted to the plaintiff attorney about suitability of the substitute equipment that was proposed by the contractor.

Cases involving patents

  • Patent infringement matter involving the automated control system for vacuum deposition equipment employed to coat glass and hard drive platters.
  • Patent infringement case involving an air quality data monitoring and archiving system supplied by a major manufacturer. Minnesota
  • Patent infringement case involving the firmware for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) produced by a major manufacturer. Role was to testify for defendant. Case resolved without testimony. Ohio
  • Patent infringement case claiming royalties for use of equipment with firmware alleged to infringe. This case was merged with the one above. Dallas
  • Patent infringement case involving process control system software that was alleged to infringe. Performed a prior art search. San Francisco
  • Patent infringement case involving a pharmaceutical process control (fermenter) software patent.. San Francisco