Mr. James G Robertson, P.E.

SCADA, Industrial Control Systems, IT,Forensic Investigation, Expert Witness & Compliance

Mr. Robertson consults, investigates and serves as expert witness on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems including industrial control systems for machines, equipment, systems, processes and their associated IT systems. He performs forensic investigations of systems expected of failures and consults on patent infringement. He is experienced with the systems that control gas pipelines, machine automation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, HVAC, water treatment plants and associated information technologies among others. He also consults on compliance of these systems and their related IT infrastructures with Federal, State and International regulations including those of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Mr. Robertson has extensive experience in Silicon Valley as an engineer, manager, owner of a small development lab and as vice president of a start-up. His lab developed micro-systems, and control electronics for machines and for processes. As VP of an engraving machine manufacturer, he was responsible for all engineering and product development. Following on, he consulted on large gas pipeline Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) projects funded by the EU & World Bank and was contracted to engineer about 60 water treatment control systems according to engineer's plans and specifications. In recent years Mr. Robertson has consulted to numerous pharmaceutical and medical device companies on compliance of computerized systems including HVAC and information technology with FDA quality regulations. He has been an expert witness/consultant on over 26 legal cases.

Recently he was the technology expert in an ICC Mediation over a $77 million contract for SCADA and Telecom along a 2000km natural gas pipeline in Asia. He testified at a trial in Vancover BC regarding alleged theft of a proprietary circuit design. He was engaged to investigate and opine on the role of SCADA and controls in the natural gas pipeline explosion and fire in San Bruno, CA. The California Public Utilities Commission levied a $1.4 billion in that case. He was also engaged to investigate the role of the control computers and software in the fire at a compressed natural gas fueling facility for municipal buses that exploded and burned. Mr. Robertson holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and is a Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer, P.E., in California.  He served active roles in the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE). He holds one patent and is named on several others.


Professional and Technical Focus

  • Expert witness/litigation consulting including forensic investigations – more than 26 cases involving SCADA, control systems, equipment. The cases involved supply contacts, patents, equipment failures, equipment & control system safety and related contracts for supply and development. more
  • SCADA and PLC based process and equipment control systems including the process instrumentation, implementation and commissioning – approximately 60 small to medium systems mostly for water treatment. Worked to engineer’s plans and specification under various supply contracts. Included electric power distribution for large machines. more
  • Large international SCADA projects – national and international - natural gas pipelines – electric power grid more
  • Computerized systems, instrumentation and IT compliance with FDA regulations including data integrity in pharmaceutical , biotechnology & medical device manufacturing. Quality system development and Validation for compliance with FDA and SOX regulations. more
  • Custom machine controls and motion controls – board level, digital & analog circuit design, firmware and software. Devices include medical instruments, machine tools, hydraulic presses, submarine and aircraft inertial navigation systems, and engraving machines. more